Data Analytics and Management in Data-Intensive Domains
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October 22-25
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Submission deadline:
May 13, 2024.

Proceedings of the RCDL 2005

The distributed Information Environment and Integration of Satellite Archives. [Presentation]
E. Kudashev, A.Filonov

Diversity of domain descriptions in natural science: virtual observatory as a case study. [Presentation]
D. Briukhov, L. Kalinichenko, V. Zakharov

BIBLIOGRIG - basic ideas of conception and implementation. [Presentation]
A. Zhuchkov

Methodology and technology for creating of the multi-purposed information environment T-System based on the digital library with flexible full-text search.
S. Lyapin, A. Kukovyakin

Atomic Nuclei and Nuclear Reactions New Intergrated Informational System. [Presentation]
I. Boboshin, V. Varlamov, S. Komarov, N. Peskov, M. Stepanov, V. Chesnokov

Rules for search query rewriting in Z39.50 protocol. [Presentation]
A. Khokhlov

Development of Linguistic Ontology on Natural Sciences for Information Retrieval Purposes. [Presentation]
B. Dobrov, N. Loukachevitch, M. Sinitsyn, V. Shapkin

Annotating the Information Resources in the Distributed Information System on Molecular Spectroscopy. [Presentation]
A. Kozodoev, A. Privezentsev, A. Fazliev

Using ontology to maintain and access data of the Natural resources of the region collection. [Presentation]
V. Lebedev, V. Starkova, S. Bragin

Development of software services and the content of the Karelian Research Centre of the RAS Digital Library. [Presentation]
V. Vdovitsyn, A. Sorokin, N. Lugovaya

A new Look on the Project of the Dissertation Digital Library. [Presentation]
O. Lavrenova

How Digital Libraries Can Support Elearning?.
S. Sharifabadi

Semantic, information and sign coding of patent documents in digital libraries. [Presentation]
I. Zatsman

Semantic Web - on the way to a new generation of information systems.
A. Marchuk

Applying Text Classification in Conference Management: Some Lessons Learned. [Presentation]
A. Pesenhofer

The international projects on creation of digital collections of marine animals: the first results. [Presentation]
I. Smirnov, A. Alimov, A. Kirejtshuk, E. Voronina, A. Lobanov

Development of the paleontological information system PaleoData on the ISIR base for the Paleontological institute of the Russian Academy of Science.
A. Kuznetsov, V. Golubev, R. Lyalchenko, E. Udova

Archiving of the Russian scientific and technical on-line magazines. [Presentation]
M. Shvartsman

Cultural Heritage of Siberia in Electronic Collections. [Presentation]
S. Bredikhin, V. Deev, I. Shabalnikov, A. Shapovalov, T. Tkachenko

Digital collections of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia (NPLG).
G. Varamishvili

Resourses of Voronezh State University Digital Library.
T. Birenbaum

Style-Dependent Document Ranking.
P. Braslavski, A. Tselischev

Mathematical programming in TEXT MINING.
R.M. Alguliev

Unsupervised learning of morphological analyser using huge corpus of natural texts.
A. Andreev, D. Berezkin, K. Simakov

Implementation of some methods of processing of poorly structured data in digital libraries.
V. Rybinkin

Document generation model based on the semantic nets for creating web-oriented information systems.
A. Fedotov, A. Guskov

Application of model of directed relations between documents for construction of information systems of scientific community.
V. Barakhnin, J. Leonova

Review the tool of the mathematics data. [Presentation]
A. Ajiev, A. Ataeva, L. Shiolashvili

Pooling revisited: ROMIP-based experiments.
I. Nekrestyanov, M. Nekrestyanova, A. Nozik

Information Retrieval in a Heterogeneous Document Collection.
M. Gubin

Automatic Extraction of Significant Part of Web Pages for Informational Retrieval.
M. Ageev, I. Vershinnikov, B. Dobrov

Establishing a correspondence between low-level features and semantics of fixed images. [Presentation]
N. Vassilieva, B. Novikov

A Rhythm-Based Easy of Access Music Retrieval Service.
N. Buzikashvili

Indexing and description of multimedia content in producing, storing and accessing. [Presentation]
V. Kapranov, S. Gorokhov

The automated system of restoration and processing of images of old-printed texts and manuscripts.
V. Yuzhikov

A Coherence of the Pulsar Timing Observed Rows.
A. Avramenko

Modeling of the distributed scientific calculation processes with help of the workflow technology.
A. Nesterenko, A.A. Bezdushny, T. Sysoev T.M., A.N. Bezdushny, I. Yaroshchuk

Culture Institution Information System As Processing System Of Digital Objects Catalogue. [Presentation]
D. Kurchinsky, D. Paley, V. Smirnov

Creation digital libraries of periodicals with Greenstone. [Presentation]
V. Reznichenko, G. Proskudina, O. Ovdiy

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