Data Analytics and Management in Data-Intensive Domains
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RCDL 2012

The XIV RCDL conference was held on 15 18 October 2012 in Pereslavl-Zalessky at the Program System Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (PSI RAS) ( ). The conference started with the invited talk about the digital curation as a key component in research infrastructures, presented by Andreas Rauber (University of Technology, Vienna, Austria). Giuseppe Amato (Institute of Information Sciences and Technology, Pisa, Italy) presented the tutorial on the technology for content-based retrieval on very large visual document archives. Two industrial sessions were devoted to the discussion of the technologies offered by Oracle Corporation for Big Data processing. The discussion was supplemented by a review of the implemented in this field programs, used platforms and development perspectives of technologies for large data, as well as by a report on the experience of International Joint Institute for Nuclear Researches (Dubna) on the practical use of grid technologies for storage and processing of hundreds of data petabytes in the interest of the international scientific community for Nuclear Researches. The conference had 13 sessions with 33 full and 16 short talks. In addition to this permanent conference site of RCDL, the RCDL-2012 collection of papers and presentations are published on the conference website. The RCDL-2012 proceedings are also published in CEUR Workshop Proceedings.

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