Data Analytics and Management in Data-Intensive Domains
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RCDL 2006

RCDL 2006 - the Eight conference of the RCDL series took place at the Suzdal, Russia on October 17-19, 2006.

Suzdal is the world-known town-museum with more than 100 monuments of the Russian architecture of the 13th-14th centuries. Located about 200km to the north-east of Moscow Suzdal is close (26km) to Vladimir, one of of the medieval capitals of Russia.

RCDL 2006 program included 22 full and 24 short presentations as well as 25 posters selected from 85 submissions.


October 22-25
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Submission deadline:
May 13, 2024.
Ap part of conference program tutorial on "Greenstone: Usage, interoperability, and the future" was delivered by Prof. Ian Witten (University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand). Ching-chih Chen (Prof. of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Simmons College, Boston, MA) gave key-note talk about "The Reality of Global Digital Library for Universal Access: The Case of Global Memory Net.". Conference program aslo included several invited talks:
  • Nanoscience for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage and the Emergence of a Powerful Digital Image Collection.
    by Piero Baglioni (Department of Chemistry and CSGI, University of Florence, Italy)
  • Finding documents and reading them: Semantic metadata extraction, topic browsing and realistic books.
    by Ian Witten (University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand)
  • Trends in Evolution of Information Resources Management Technologies for Digital Libraries.
    by Mikhail R. Kogalovsky (Market Economy Institute, RAS, Russia)

For the forth time RCDL 2006 hosted collocated workshop on evaluation of information retrieval systems (ROMIP 2006) which attracted leading Russian IR researchers and practitioners.

Conference materials:


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