Data Analytics and Management in Data-Intensive Domains
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October 22-25
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Submission deadline:
May 13, 2024.

Proceedings of the RCDL 2013

Invited talk: Methods of text analysis in "big data" technologies. [Presentation]
Alexandr A. Khoroshilov, Oleg. N. Poshataev

Invited talk: Provision of Data for Solution of Problems in Stellar Astronomy. [Presentation]
Oleg Yu. Malkov, Nikolay A. Skvortsov, Ekaterina A. Avvakumova, Olga B. Dluzhnevskaya, Anastasia A. Isaeva, Pavel V. Kaygorodov, Leonid A. Kalinichenko, Sergej V. Karpov, Elena Yu. Kilpio and others

On the Way to Big RDF Data. [Presentation]
Alexander G. Marchuk

Concept and architecture of thematic intelligent scientific Internet resource. [Presentation]
Yury A. Zagorulko, Galina B. Zagorulko, Vladimir K. Shestakov, Irina S. Kononenko

Domain-Specific Thesaurus as a Part of an Information-Analytical System. [Presentation]
Vladimir N. Boikov, Vladimir E. Zakharov, Mariya S. Karyaeva, Valery A. Sokolov

Semi-automatic Data Extraction from Tables. [Presentation]
Nikita Astrakhantsev, Denis Turdakov, Natalia Vassilieva

Method for identification of Internet users interests based on associations and users profiles. [Presentation]
M.M. Charnine, A.V. Petrov, I.P. Kuznetsov

A Scientific Heritage Digital Library as a Factographic System. [Presentation]
V.B. Barakhnin, A.M. Fedotov, O.A. Fedotova

Software to create a full-text digital libraries. [Presentation]
L.G. Eremeev, A.V. Borisenko, S.V. Ismakaeva

Open scientific e-journals management systems and digital libraries technology. [Presentation]
A.M. Elizarov, D.S. Zuev, E.K. Lipachev

Timestamps for a global version identification. [Presentation]
S.V. Znamenskii

A Model for Integrating the Publication. [Presentation]
Kevin S. Hawkins

Extraction of knowledge and facts from texts of theses and abstracts for studying of communications of scientific communities. [Presentation]
Yu.V. Leonova, A.M. Fedotov

Extracting information on appointments and dismissals from news texts. An experience in developing an annotated corpus. Testing results. [Presentation]
N.A. Vlasova

Application of Topic Models to the Task of Single-Word Term Extraction. [Presentation]
M.A. Nokel, N.V. Loukachevitch

Support of the workflow specifications reuse by ensuring its independence of the specific data collections and services. [Presentation]
D.O. Briukhov, A.E. Vovchenko L.A. Kalinichenko

Metadata of scientific methods for achievement of their reuse and reproducibility of their results . [Presentation]
N. A. Skvortsov, D.O. Briukhov, L.A. Kalinichenko, D. Kovalev, S.A. Stupnikov

Core semantic model for generic research activity. [Presentation]
V. Bunakov

Thematic representation of a news cluster as a basis for summarization. [Presentation]
A.A. Alekseev

Methods for automatic determination of semantic proximity of documents on the basis of their conceptual analysis. [Presentation]
A.A. Khoroshilov

Mapping of a Graph Data Model into an Object-Frame Canonical Information Model for the Development of Heterogeneous Information Resources Integration Systems. [Presentation]
S.A. Stupnikov

Mapping of RDF Data Model into the Canonical Model of Subject Mediators. [Presentation]
N.A. Skvortsov

Geographical information search module for the ZooSPACE platform. [Presentation]
D.M. Skachkov, O.L. Zhizhimov

Problems and methods for attribute detection of social network users. [Presentation]
A.V. Korshunov

Developing methods for maintaining data reliability in an information system based on facts. [Presentation]
A.S. Sery

Declarative Analytics in Multidialect Infrastructure. [Presentation]
D.Yu. Kovalev

New data source for scientometric studies. [Presentation]
M.R. Kogalovsky, S.I. Parinov

Monitoring and Statistics System for Impact Evaluation of Scientific Activities of OAI-repository JINR Document Server. [Presentation]
T.N. Zaikina, I.A. Filozova

Bibliometric methods in development of scientific organization rating.
V.N. Gureyev, N.A. Mazov

Software for scientometric and bibliometric research: a brief overview and comparative analysis. [Presentation]
N.A. Mazov, V.N. Gureyev

Persons recognition using CRF model. [Presentation]
A.V. Podobryaev

Probabilistic models and methods for classifier etalon datasets quality estimation. [Presentation]
V.G. Vasilyev

A method for development and analysis of short text corpus for the review classification. [Presentation]
Yu.V. Rubtsova

Identification of duplicates in bibliographic databases. [Presentation]
A.A. Knyazeva, I.Y. Turchanovsky, O.S. Kolobov

Problems of using the LOD cloud datasets to enrich the content of scientific data and knowledge bases. [Presentation]
Z.V. Apanovich, A.G. Marchuk

The Use of Horizontal Visibility Graphs to Identify the Words that Define the Information Structure of the Text. [Presentation]
D.V. Lande, A.A. Snarskii, E.V. Yagunova

Semantic methods for solving a problem of automatic detection of plagiarism in structured scientific and technical documents. [Presentation]
V.N. Zakharov, A.A. Khoroshilov

Development of the information retrieval system ECOANT on the basis of the digital collection of Antarctic invertebrates. [Presentation]
I.S. Smirnov, A.L. Lobanov, A.V. Neyelov, A.G. Kirejchuk

Accessibility of Concrete Historical Data in Digital Collections. [Presentation]
N.A. Markova

An Essay of Development of HTML-Based Standard of Electronic Publication for Digitizing of Soviet Source-Books. [Presentation]
G.V. Belonuchkin

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